the laundry situation

Are you always looking for ways to do things better?  To save a little money.  To become more efficient.  Me too!  There are so many options of what I could do.  I like doing things well and moving on to the next thing on my list.

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Laundry is one thing that is always on the list.  I like doing laundry just fine- but it would really be nice to have the satisfaction of having empty laundry baskets for half an hour. (What does the bottom of a laundry basket even look like?  Who knows).  I do a load of laundry most days.  A friend of mine does her laundry one weekend A MONTH as a family of six!  How awesome is that?  If there is a way to do things in bulk & eliminate doing the same task every single day- I’m jazzed.

My laundry suggestion for you: Make your own laundry detergent.  I’ve been using this recipe for a year now (that was shared by one of my super smart “green” friends).  The recipe lasts our family nine months and costs $2 to make!  Compare that to what you’re currently spending.

One thing to check off the shopping list: laundry detergent.  You’re welcome.

What is one thing you do to make make things easier and cheaper at the same time?  

being a mom

 “I could never do that” seems to be a consensus when it comes to being a stay at home mom, as well as a home school mom.

Really though.. it’s not about being a stay at home mom or a working mom.  It’s not about home schooling or sending your kids to school and arranging busier schedules.  It’s about being a mom.  And being a mom is some seriously hard work!

I was a working mom and now am a stay at home mom.  I’ve done preschool, but also started my first year home schooling with Jameson this fall.  What I’ve found about being a mom is that there will be many opinions offered about what is best for our children (especially when it comes to education).  But I’m also learning- as parents it is OUR responsibility to do what is best for OUR family.  To not write something off as something we could never do.  (Never say never..right?)  It’s recognizing what is best for our family as a whole, and where the balance is of where we need to be right now. Every season of parenting is just that.  A season.  And tomorrow will bring something different.

The most challenging thing about being a mom for me?  I’m an introvert.  Whether I’m working outside the home or here.. it’s about being around people all day.  And it turns out our three little angles are people.  People who need me every minute of every day.  People who rarely leave home without me.  People who generate an incredible amount of noise. It’s critical to find ways to recharge so that I don’t forget the value of making today the best it can be.  To fellow moms reading- you are brave.  You are strong.  Keep on in the incredible (unique) story you’re writing.

Photo on 4-1-14 at 3.41 PM #4What intentional choices have you made for your family as a whole?  


The last thing I predicted I’d be is a pastor’s wife.  I’ve learnt never to say never.. because somehow just uttering the word never seems to have sealed its fate.  I am a pastor’s wife.

Of the occasional questions I get as a pastor’s wife- the most common is do I get nervous for Ryan when he preaches.  And quite honestly I don’t.   (I only remember being nervous once when he preached as part of his interview process for our first church job).  I really enjoy it when he preaches.  It helps that he isn’t an introvert.  It helps that he is oh so nice to look at.  It helps that he is a good communicator.  But mostly- when I hear Ryan preach I know he is doing something that he was made to do.

This past weekend Ryan preached.  On weeks he is preaching, I’ll commonly hear about thoughts he’s working through.  This weeks’ topic was unsettling him.  He was coming home frustrated.  It was a harder week and then came Sunday when I sat to hear about unity:  The world will know Christ through His Church and our love for one another.  Through our unity.   John 17:11, 20-23

It was a very challenging word.  Because instead of the world knowing Christ through our unity, I worry that due to our lack of unity the world is less interested in knowing Christ. Unity is this beautiful picture of everyone having a unique gifting that they bring to the bigger picture.. before it can be complete.

It’s about each of us having the humility to recognize that we have a piece of the puzzle. It’s in front of us.  And I think if we all flowed in the things we were made to do (supporting one another) instead of comparing pieces.. it would be incredible.  

When Ryan preaches I’m not nervous.  But after he preaches- I’m unsettled.  Feeling challenged. So I walk.  And think.  How am I reflecting Christ in what I’m doing today?

mabel* If you’d like to hear the full sermon on Unity, click here.  Then you can feel unsettled too.

living space

Spring is coming.  I can feel it in the sun.  I can see it as the days grow longer.. just dusk as I’m putting the girls to bed at night.  I also feel that spring longing to clean the floors, wash the windows, throw out some new pillows, and plan for the summer ahead.  It will come. It’s inevitable.. inevitable in the way that you feel when you are 41 weeks pregnant and everyday you say “it must come”.  There is no other way around it.  Spring will come.

It’s been a full year in this home.  Moving from renters to owners here.  The other day we were in our old neighborhood so I drove past the house (we called home for six years). Lucia didn’t even know which house it was!  The journey that was so long (in my mind) isn’t even remembered by our almost four-year-old.  She thinks she has always had a pink bedroom.  Our new neighbor across the street listed her house for sale this past month. Watching as the sign went up and realtors took families through was a good reminder to me- God always has a bigger idea.  I read something this morning about our plans, that summed it up for me:

The problem with our plans is that they usually work.  And if they don’t seem to be working, we want to force them to work to get the small results we aimed for.    - Donald Miller

But Maybe God has this much bigger idea and in order to see it.. we have to dream.  To get a bigger idea of what could happen.  Many times I tried to force my plan when it came to where we lived.. I wanted to make things happen.  But now I can see parts of this big idea God was pulling together.  And I think- I aimed pretty low.

Loving home and continuing on our house tour….

This first shot is of our living room on our move in day.  I snapped it quickly (at a bad angle) to send to one of my sisters.  The second is today.  I’ve been sprucing things up for spring!


IMG_9985Do you allow yourself to dream big dreams?