Dad’s Day: Part 2

I thought it was appropriate to post this in honor of Father’s Day.  Ryan wrote a note to both Jameson & Lucia the night before I was induced (both times).  They are beautiful letters.


It’s hard for me to imagine what you will be like.  It feels like we’ve been waiting on you for so long, and yet, just like yesterday when they told us you would be a little girl. A girl…. I’ve always wanted to be daddy to a girl.  I wonder how long it will take you to render me completely powerless?

I already know that you will have  a lay to my heart.  I’m so excited to meet you… to hold you and kiss your forehead.  I wonder if you will look like your mother.  Or like your brother… only as a girl.  I wonder what parts of me you will have.  There aren’t many girls in my family, so I don’t honestly know what to expect.  I expect that you’ll be beautiful and I expect that you will change my life.  I expect that you will grow up way to fast and all too soon be looking like a little girl, and then a young woman.  I expect that you will give me a few gray hairs and lots to worry about.  But, I expect that you’ll bring joy to my life in a special way that no one else can.  I expect that you’ll remind me of your mother at times, and I expect that will make me love her more.  I expect that your brother will love you and cherish being your older brother.  I expect that, through you, God will continue to show me how amazing He is, and how strong His love is for us.  I expect that you will come very soon.  And I expect that I will be in love with you… mostly because I already am.

Your Dad

Father’s Day 2010


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