Dad’s Day

Our Father’s Day:  9:30am service this morning where Ryan shared about “Images of God” (excellent), an early lunch, a much to short nap for Jman, a good afternoon snooze for Lucia, a Mom/Jman run to a local greenhouse for some clearance plants, a BBQ here with the Chamberlain family, bath for the Jman, ichat date with the Underwoods, a phone call to my dad, and a much needed cleanup from a busy Sunday!

I’m thankful for the father figures in my life.  What a special thing to be sitting in church with Lucia this morning and hear Ryan sharing.  Jameson and Lucia have a wonderful dad.  Last year I found a perfect Father’s Day card in a shop by my work.  The front of the card read, ” when we were dating I asked myself ‘ is this the kind of guy that I want to raise my kids with’?” The inside read, ” I answered yes”.  Sums it up perfectly.  Ryan was/and is the guy I love raising kids with.


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