WANTED: Sunshine

No more rain!  Today is June 25th and in Duluth we are craving sunshine.  I haven’t checked the most recent weather stat, but I’m sure we’ve had no more than three or four sunny days this month… which is depressing.

A couple times in the past week  I’ve packed up the kids for an outing.  At Target we got delayed while we tried to wait for the downpour to cease and then there was the stroller walk that ended with a quick sprint to get both kiddos inside before they got their first showers!!  Let me tell you.. a quick sprint with a double stroller is a great workout.  🙂

So- it’s Thursday and raining again.  Maybe we’ll have a picnic in the living room this afternoon?


2 thoughts on “WANTED: Sunshine

  1. Sorry to hear that you guys are having so much rain. Maybe we could do an exchange….we’ll send you some sunshine and you send us some rain 🙂

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