Day One

Two kids in bed.  Wow!  After having Lucia and switching to a very part time schedule at my job… never again will I use or agree with the sentiment that moms who stay home with their kids “don’t work”.  Oh… they work.  My day doesn’t stop from the time I hear Jameson (@ 6:30 this morning) until I’ve finished the final feeding with Lucia and get to crawl under the covers.  Days are long.  Days are wonderful!  Here are just a few highlights from Monday at the Underwoods.

First– we got a package from Nana Underwood!  Jameson loves checking the mail each afternoon with me.  Today there was extra excitement!  Thank you Cathy for the treasures.   We read each book ten times over.

Second- we ate spaghetti.  We love spaghetti around here.   Apparently spaghetti is a finger food.  Notice here how Jameson holds his fork but enjoys eating the old fashioned way:

Third: we played outside and Jameson had to make sure that the flowers he helped me plant the other afternoon are still in tact.  He loves talking about daises and always adds, “and the wood chips are all over”.  Indeed they are:

And just in case you’re wondering if we left Lucia out of all this fun, you would be mistaken.  She was a part of it all.   As of today she developed a new talent!  When she gets excited she starts to kick her feet as fast as she can and drools as she tries to talk back at you.  It’s a beautiful thing:

The extra pictures today are for Ryan (just in case you’re checking up on us!)


2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. I second your statement about at home moms working! It’s the truth; sometimes it’s easier to go to a job, than stay home and take care of two little ones! The kids are just too cute! So glad that Jameson enjoyed the books.

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