Day Five

Day five brings Ryan home!  Day five we pack up our bags and head for Fosston.  Day five I get to see my sisters!  Head cold or not, today will be a GREAT day.

This morning we have errands to run.  Errands with both kiddos is one of those things (at least for me) that takes a lot of working up to.  And then once you’re out, you pray for no toddler melt downs, and a very happy baby long enough to get everything on your list.  Lucia is a breeze to shop with.  Jameson a bit busier!  Speaking of  busy- any suggestions on introducing something to your toddler so that they play on their own better?  Right now Jameson loves turning on music CD’s and jumping about the living room.  Which is a great 5-10 minute break for both of us!  Also, movies work. But, I’m constantly trying to think of ways to help engage him that don’t involve me having to be actively playing with him.  With having Lucia now, I can’t always stop to play with him.  I know he is still learning that.  I’m just trying to help him along.   So, if you’re reading this and have any great suggestions… I’m interested!!

Now we need to start those errands.


One thought on “Day Five

  1. I remember that he loved playing with the little cars and trucks and seemed to be able to entertain himself with them. I will be glad to send you some as I have a bin full. Just let me know. Maybe if you got one of the little stations or something that he use to play with the cars it would help.

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