New Tables

Every once in a long while I get a good idea.   This weekend we were re-arranging our living room to welcome a new TV stand.   (One purchased at IKEA when I went for a day to myself on Friday).   It’s nothing fancy, but does the job better already as it has no glass doors.   Glass doors are just asking for trouble with a toddler!  Anyways- back to my good idea.  So, our living room has a new TV stand and has been re-arranged in a much better set up.  While I was walking through last night admiring the room…  I thought to myself, ” now if only there was a way to hide all the finger prints on our glass end tables”.   Half an hour later our glass coffee tables looked like these two beauties:

Fun right?

And the best part of this whole story?  The project was 100% free.  I just cut the paper to fix the 12″ glass squares and taped it underneath.   The paper I used was old wallpaper that we found when we were renovating our kitchen.   It was behind the old lathen plaster walls.   I’ve been storing it in the basement thinking it would be cool to display it somehow.  There you have it.  Two new end tables!  That’s a happy Monday.


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