My Kitchen

In my last post I mentioned that we renovated our kitchen.  I thought I’d share those pictures with you as well.   I personally LOVE seeing before & after pictures.  It’s fun to see remodeled rooms, but you appreciate it so much more when you see what the room looked like before.  Especially when it was in horrible disrepair!  When Ryan and I were looking to buy our first home, we looked at our house three times.  The first time I fell in love with it!   The largest two perks in our minds were the spacious rooms on the main floor for entertaining and that it was a corner lot.  The reason we had a second and third viewing was that we were hung up on the kitchen.  Here are two pictures of the house right before we closed on it.  The kitchen was gross.

Ryan writing out measurements for our plan.

Here are two pictures of the exact same angles in our kitchen this morning.  Notice: we’re not having very nice weather in Duluth!

There is a sneak peak at my kitchen in case you haven’t visited the Underwood home.  The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in the house because I tried to give it a coffee house feel.   (The paint color is: espresso).   If you know me at all… I’m an addict!  There are still a couple things I’d like to do in the kitchen.  After all- a home is always a work in progress!  If you’re interested… I can do more before & after pictures of our house.  Leave me a comment and let me know what room you’re interested in seeing!


One thought on “My Kitchen

  1. Hey Liz! Can you take a picture of the other wall? The one containing the stove and microwave? I’m just trying to picture the whole room. Thanks!

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