My Kitchen: Part 2

After my last post,  Beca asked that I post one more picture to show the entire kitchen. Here is the stove/microwave area:

When I took this picture I was standing in our back door entry area and the bar seating is on the right hand side of me.  I added a new piece to my kitchen just this morning! My mother-in-law shipped me a KEURIG coffee maker!!  This was PERFECT timing because ours has been on the fritz.  It’s cleaned and ready for a trial run this afternoon.

If I get five comments today, I’ll continue on our house tour with before & after pictures. But I need to know someone is checking this out because frankly…. I get to see my house everyday!  🙂  Just comment and let me know if you have any suggestions on the kitchen or if there is another room you’re interested in seeing.  I will tell you- when we bought our house five years ago, the entire exterior and interior was white. <BORING> but perfect if you love painting as much as I do.  The only thing I left white is our house trim.  Everything else has color.


6 thoughts on “My Kitchen: Part 2

  1. Hooray! I am glad this coffee maker made it to your house 🙂 I love seeing the before and after pictures of the house. By the time, Jim and I were able to visit you guys had pretty much redone the house. So we never saw the before pictures. By the way, your kitchen looks amazing!

  2. IKEA is the best! We created a tv stand from there for our basement because I was looking for something toddler friendly as well. I would love to see a pic of your living room with the new tv stand. 🙂

  3. Love Love Love all of the pictures Liz!! It’s so much fun to see how beautiful it is! I see you like but another site you might enjoy is called design… they do a ton of do it yourself things and they always have some fantastic ideas! Keep the pictures coming!

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