Where we eat

After lunch I did a good wipe down of the dining room so that it was picture presentable! <Does your dining room table accumulate clutter like mine?> Here is part TWO of our house tour.  I have to say.. I am so happy that I went through the house with our camera before we got to work.  Its been fun for me to look back and makes me appreciate my home in a new way.   This is a picture of our dining room the day we closed on the house:

I wasn’t and am not crazy about the laminate floor choice made for the dining room, but I read in a decorating catalog once if you can’t replace it, try to work with it. Here’s the best I came up with:

Last year (shortly after we found out we were pregnant with baby #2), Ryan and I bought our dining room set online from World Market.  For the right hand side (against the wall), we purchased a bench for seating.   You may be looking at the size of our table and wondering if we were planning ahead for a “troop”.   We’re not.  🙂  For 2010, one of my New Year’s resolutions was that we would entertain in our home more.  In the previous years we talked a lot about doing it or who we would like to have over… but never executed our plan.  I’m happy to say, I am totally meeting that goal this year!


One thought on “Where we eat

  1. I love the before and after pictures of the dining room. You really know how to decorate a home. Hope you are having a good summer

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