Living Room

It’s a beautiful day in Duluth.  Both Jameson & Lucia are down for afternoon naps AT THE SAME TIME < Incredible> Next on my list is packing overnight bags for the three of us. I’m so excited for a night with Ryan (all to myself)! Then tomorrow,  I’m sure I’ll be ready to pickup my babes and kiss their cheeks.

Also, the living room is clean which makes it a perfect day to post before & after pictures.  Hopefully you can tell the difference between the two!   I’m still looking for the right solution for the wall about the love seat.  It feels to big to be empty.  Ideas anyone?


2 thoughts on “Living Room

  1. I love this room! It always feels so inviting and relaxing. Sure wish I was there right now, but I doubt if I would be doing much relaxing 🙂

  2. so an idea for above your couch..I got this for Peter for his birthday coming up. If you go to they have neat pictures of real life things that are in the shapes of letters. Long story short, I bought the letters that make our last name and am putting them in a frame…however you could make whatever word you’d like. It’s pretty neat actually!

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