Just the two of us

We had a night to ourselves.  It was a wonderful night.  First we visited a new restaurant in town the Clyde Park Restaurant.   We had pizza & salad and were reminded of the many dinner walks we took in Isla Mujeres for a similar wood fired pizza when we were two young sun burnt honeymooners.  After dinner we walked around Lake Superior and enjoyed the quiet as much as having each other to ourselves.  We stayed in a local hotel right off Lake Superior and enjoyed a late morning breakfast snack before ending our getaway.

On August 9th Ryan and I will celebrate our 7th anniversary.  Seven years!  We’ve shared a lot in 7 years: we finished college together, we moved from MN to PA in the smallest Penske truck available to help at a church plant, we moved from PA back to MN with a slightly larger truck, we got a dog, bought a house, started our first paid ministry position, had our first baby, started a new ministry position, had our second baby, and found a new home for our dog.  It’s been an adventure.  In each season that we’ve shared together I’ve been thankful for the man I married.  He is the real deal. The best part is that as I reflect on the last seven years together I am so anxious to share whatever lies ahead. I love him more than the day I became his Mrs.


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