I’ve been on a mission to clean for the last couple months.  Doing the blog house tour was good motivation because the rooms needed to be in order before I would take pictures to share! So as a side note- if you’d like to help me get the upstairs looking spiffy- leave me a comment today and let me know what you’re curious about seeing. Options are: upstairs bath remodel or bedrooms.

Back to my cleaning mission.  I’ve been cleaning and trying to maintain things better. Then last Friday we had a last minute visit with my grandparents in Cloquet after a family dinner at Gordy’s. We had a nice visit with great free entertainment provided by the kiddos!  And we came home with Jameson’s belated birthday gift.  A huge bag full of toddler treasures. The next morning, our small 1/2 story upstairs looked like a tornado had blown threw.  Literally.  Now I have a new mission. Every few months I pull out a plastic bag  (for Goodwill) and start going through our stuff. In case you didn’t know this about me, I am a firm believer in the mentality that less is more.  I crave less.  Less to buy. Less to clean.  Less saves money and time.

The easiest thing to go through is clothes. I donate items that don’t fit or that I haven’t worn for a year.   Being a family of 4 now and having 12OO square feet to live in, makes me more serious about living with less.  Just this morning I pulled back the shower curtain and saw that we have 10 bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I know I’ve seen them everyday before, but ten?  We need less, even if it means Ry and I will be using Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo. (That’s a joke honey). When I have less it also lets me do less.  I blogged last week about the “things I won’t do”.  More to come on that later this week.

I’m curious to hear about you.  Do you live with less?  How do you maintain order? Any tricks to share?


7 thoughts on “Less

  1. I truly do want to live with less. Since I have a tendency to be a pack-rat, it’s a challenge. I think my pack rat days can be traced back to teaching. I would always think, hmm, I might be able to use that for my class, so I’ll hang on to it. Unfortunately, my husband is a pack rat, also. Not that he would admit to it. I do dislike clutter, so that motivates me to get rid of things we don’t use. Jim always says, well, put it down in the basement, we might need it at some point. Therefore, we have a basemen full of stuff. Of course, his office is off limits to me when I am in a cleaning mood 🙂 Less is definitely better, but a challenge to live by in our society. I think you do a great job of keeping your house in order. I know it’s not easy to do with two little ones.

  2. Hey Liz,
    I liked your blog because I have been on a similar journey over the last year. It started when we got back from overseas with our fifteen or so suitcases, and the very thought of getting out our stored items was such a turn off to me. I just wished we didn’t own so many things when I realized we didn’t need them.
    My favorite place to have less is in the kitchen, because of the limited space. I found myself allowing myself to get rid of stuff that I wouldn’t have dreamed of before just because it has not been necessary. The less we have the easier it is to live- I also labeled the places for everything to go, and it makes clean up less stressful for me.
    Anyways, we live easier and better when we have less things. I know you are better at it then we are, but I am on the same page with you.
    My most challenging area is children’s toys, because I unsure of what the boundaries are for respecting your kids things as their own- and downsizing to make life and cleaning easier for them. I will probably need to research that more, because we have a lot of kids play things.
    Great Blog!

  3. I love less! Unfortunately Josh likes more… so that means that I’m always trying to throw things out and Josh is always trying to haul it back in:) I honestly think 99% of our little spats come from this difference! Lol! I hate clutter and unnecessary things and he’s a pack rat!

    Oh, and I would love to see the rest of your house:) Actually I’m trying to get ideas of how to add more color to our rooms because we can’t really paint out apartment, so I’m looking at other people’s homes to get ideas:)

  4. Amy- I’d love to hear how you do less in the kitchen! What a clutter zone that can be. Also, what’s this about a labeling system? 🙂

    Children’s toys are a hard one for me as well. Has Joe ever shared with you our growing up experiences in that regard?

    Great hearing your thoughts!

  5. I did remember something I used to do with the boys’ toys to cut down on clutter. I would keep just a few toys out at a time and store the rest. Then I would cycle them and bring out some new ones every month or so. That way there weren’t so many toys at once and the boys felt like they had new toys.

  6. Liz you are a woman after my heart 🙂 Every time we’ve been home visiting I’ve gone through all of our packed up boxes and gotten rid of more stuff I thought we’d need! Truth is I just don’t want to have to haul it all around!!! Have you seen “The story of stuff” ? So incredible about how many ‘things’ we have in our life and how much it takes from the earth etc. I think you’d find it interesting. And show all the pictures!!!! It makes me excited for when we move back and I can start doing our own little apt. projects 🙂

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