Things I won’t do

When I started blogging two months ago, I wondered if I’d have any followers.  Would it feel like I was talking to myself? But- I see at least a few of you are reading along and sharing your thoughts which is so fun!  If you have commented, make sure to check back on that posting to find any replies I may post.

It’s been a week since I wrote about my recent challenge reading Bittersweet.  For the first few days I drew a complete blank any time I thought about what I could not do. There are so many things that I do on a daily/weekly basis that are non-negotiable (unless I’m asking for a visit from social services).  I have a baby and a toddler! Enough said.  One night while Ryan and I were talking in bed I asked for his honest opinion.  Were there things I just wasn’t thinking of? He lovingly told me he believes I have a mental struggle with believing I must do it all.  It’s true.  Deep down I believe that I should be able to maintain everything.  I was raised to work hard and get things done. In a way I feel like I’m admitting weakness by not succeeding in all I do. This isn’t to say there aren’t things I could let go of, but I’m taking the harder challenge (for me), by saying I mentally will check myself when I go down the road of feeling like I should do it all. Here are just a few of the core things I will & won’t do.

Things I will do:

-strive to grow in my relationship with my creator and live my faith in a real and transparent way to those around me.

-be a wife who challenges, supports, loves, and learns from my husband.

-raise my children in a loving home, teach them right from wrong, and be a little bit fun while I’m at it.

Things I won’t do:

– keep a perfect home.  I’ll choose to be okay on the days the dishes don’t get done.

– spend more than half an hour getting ready.  Frankly, there are way better things to do with my time.  If the hairdo isn’t easy or the clothes aren’t  machine washable- count me out.

-make things from scratch.  I have lofty ideas of making mouth watering meals from scratch, baby foods,  or going entirely organic.  Not gonna happen.  Not this year.

This post really hits home for me.  I’m a work in progress.


2 thoughts on “Things I won’t do

  1. You are fun to read, Liz. I need more of your insight in my life. I have a sister who is amazing…organic everything, homemade peanut butter, essential oils instead of perfume, white walls with no scuffs, a garden in her backyard…We are best friends, but I get sad that I can’t “do it all” like she does. I need to remember…different stage in life and I am just FINE. Thanks for writing. I love reading.

  2. I understand totally where you are coming from. I know I have battled with that feeling that I should be able to do it all and do it well. I think some of that comes from our society who says “super woman can do it all.” I think that it’s difficult to let go of that thought. It sounds like you have the first 3 priorities right on…..God, husband, and children. That will keep you busy 🙂

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