Ryan and I both love a good movie.  We enjoy other things as well, but watching a movie is a great way for us to unplug and relax!  Once the kids are asleep and the dishwasher is running, we’ll rent a movie from iTunes.  The past couple movies we’ve rented have been a disappointment.  Lame, predictable, slow, or maybe a combination of each.  So, since there don’t seem to be any intriguing new releases.. we’ve decided to compile a list of classics that we want to see. Maybe there are classics we’ve never seen or haven’t seen in a long time.

What are your favorites?  Please let me know (without giving the movie away).


3 thoughts on “Entertainment

  1. A newer movie that we both enjoyed was The Young Victoria. Another movie that our pastor recommened and we ended up really enjoying is Faith Like Potatoes.

  2. I had to think about this one for a couple of days, but came up with a few of our favorites. It is a challenge to find movies that we both enjoy,but here are a few: Gladiator, The Fugitive, The Witness, and Double-Jeopardy come to mind. A recent one that we both enjoyed was The Blind Side.
    A few that I enjoyed, but not necessarily favorites of Jim’s are: Second Hand LIons, Fried Green Tomatoes, and a real old one called On Golden Pond.
    Let me know if you find some good ones. We don’t watch many movies, but enjoy a good one now and then.

  3. actually wrote down the wrong title on one of those movies. The Client was the name of the movie rather than The Witness.

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