Baby Gear

Recently I’ve had several people ask me about my favorite baby items.  I’m not an expert, but I am a full-time mom!  And I have discovered a few items that help things run just a little bit better around here.  I also remember being pregnant with Jameson wondering what to buy and what was worth the $.  So, here are a few of my favorite things. Hopefully this is useful to one of you.  (Note: if you click on the name of the item, I’ve linked them so that you can find out more or purchase).

#1. Jameson’s Busy Bible.  I found this online when Jameson was an infant and suggested it to my mother-in-law as a gift idea for Jameson’s first Christmas.  At first he enjoyed helping turn the fabric pages and look at the bright colors. As you can see, now he’s in charge of this story time.

#2.  Lucia’s bath mat.  You can use this mat in the regular bathtub from your infants first bath up to one year of age. You just get the mat soaked and fill the bath water to the appropriate depth based on your babies age.  Then you wring it out and can store it anywhere!  (Much nicer than the big bulky plastic tubs).  Here is Lucia’s last Spa night.  She looks pretty comfortable, eh?

#3.  Lucia’s wet bag. I’m cloth diapering this time around which could be another post on it’s own!  My biggest fear (before starting) was the clean up.  I wondered the best way to store the wet & dirty diapers and then how to wash them without getting contaminated. My good friend Brianna suggested these wet bags and boy do they do the job.  They seal any unwanted smells and then you can toss the contents into the wash without having to touch them.  Plus, Lucia’s looks darling hanging in her nursery. A good purchase all the way around.

#4.   After having Jameson I heard from several people that having the right breast pump was essential to maintaining an adequate milk supply.  The week after Lucia was born I found a brand new Medela pump on Craigslist and purchased it for 1/3 of the cost.  Medela is the number one choice in my book.  <no picture to insert on this one!>

When it comes to other baby gear, I’ve tried to keep it to the basics and buy things on clearance or at consignment shops.  We’ve also had lots of family & friends who have gotten things for Jameson and Lucia which is a huge blessing.   There you have my baby post for the week.  What items are ones you  “can’t live without”?


One thought on “Baby Gear

  1. Haha Liz! I got one of those bath mats for a shower present and couldn’t figure out what the heck it could be useful for! I think I will try it out tonight vs the baby tub so thanks for the post!

    Oh and for fun, my favorite baby items are as follows: Good breast pump, a boppy, a jumperoo, and cheap-o cloth diapers to use as burp cloths. Those tiny little cutesy burp cloths they sell at Target are jokes.

    🙂 I enjoy your blog

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