Loving life

We’ve made it to Wednesday without Ryan.  Two more days to go.  I have to say things are running much smoother than expected.  I’m not sure what to attribute it to.. something divine.  This isn’t to say we haven’t had ANY bumps on the road, but they’ve been minor.  The big plus this week is that Jameson has been so eager to help. Not only with picking up toys but with Lucia (which can be a plus and a challenge!) He’s been my go to man for getting a clean diaper or burp rag.  Hey, every bit helps!  And, he has been so sweet to Lucia.  He can make her laugh better than anyone else.These two are darling to watch:

One of my favorite things about children is the way they completely enjoy and love life. Tonight Jameson was jumping about the living room with his guitar under one arm, his harmonica in one hand, and singing… who knows what!  I want to see life more like Jameson does.  I want to find pure joy in the simplest things.  I want to care for those around me the way he wants to.


One thought on “Loving life

  1. It’s so true that children enjoy the smallest things that we overlook. I remember Jameson’s excitement over watching the lizards, chipmunks, and rabbits at our house this summer. Being with them makes us see things through their eyes and reminds us to marvel at the little things. I so wish he could have been here to see the little fawns come in our yard. He would have loved seeing them!

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