You may remember reading earlier this month,  I’ve been embracing the less mentality! The less I have= the less I have to clean= the less I have to do= the less tired I am.  I LOVE THIS IDEA.   Since my original post on the topic, I’ve cleaned through our upstairs bathroom (remember the ten bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shampoo?)  and Jameson ‘s room.  Step #1 is cleaning through the existing stuff.  Step #2 will be purchasing less.  So, instead of throwing out the ten bottles in our shower we’ll use up what we have and find a way to buy less going forward.

The bathroom was an easy project and I found a new trick online for cleaning the shower. Vinegar.  I sprayed down our tile, let the vinegar do its magic for 10 minutes, and “hello, bright white shower”.   I like the cost savings and idea of a less toxic cleaning option… especially with having kids.

Jameson’s room was a bit different.  I went through his clothes and toys packing away things he has outgrown and getting rid of a few that were hanging onto dear life after living a very eventful life in our home.   Jameson even helped me with the project by singing the pick up song and aggressively brushing the broom across his floor.  <grin>

So, two rooms down and quite a few more to go. Do any of you have cleaning methods to share?  I’m finding as I go through things I’m taking on a “greener” mentality as I fight against the consumerism mentality.  More to come on that.


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