Big I, little I, what begins with I?

A great weekend.  We played hard & had family visiting!  This morning we did laundry and raked the newly cut grass that had been way past due for mowing.  Things are getting back to order.  After lunch Jameson and I snuggled together talking.  As we talked, I itched my cheek.  I saw Jameson watching…

Jameson: “what you doing, Mom?”

Me: “I’m itching my cheek”


Jameson: “Are you itchy, itchy, ichabod”?

I love the way his mind works and how the world is full of new things to connect and discover.  Yes, I do have an itchy icabod!   (Just in case you’re wondering about my ichabod.. it’s in Dr. Seuss’s ABC book.  Click here).  Ten minutes later my two year old who insisted he was not tired…


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