big guy

We just went in this past week for Lucia’s 4 month appointment.  Yes, she’s closer to five months than four months.. but I’ve been a bit scattered lately and wasn’t dying to get her in for a few more pokes in the thigh.  Consistent with her last appointment, Lucia is a peanut.   My point of reference for percentiles is Jameson.  Since his first checkup, Jameson has never dropped below the 90th percentile.  And then here is our little Lucia weighing in at 13 lbs. 8 oz which is only 27%!!  The pediatrician assured me she is a thriving, growing, baby girl. So- I packed up my peanut and running back and headed home for a much needed quiet time (for all three of us!)  Speaking of my running back..  I’ve been going through bins in the basement of Jameson’s and Lucia’s fall/winter clothes.  While I was going through Jameson’s, I pulled out this shirt.  Our good friends Jay & Emily got this for Jameson as a big brother gift.  I’d say he likes it:

Thanks Jay & Emily!


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