After 4 years of looking at this door:

I decided it was time to give it some TLC.   Aside from the obvious problem that the door curtain is not the appropriate length for our front door (not sure who hung this and why), this was also the only natural wood door in our house.  It’s not a bad looking wood, but I vote for things to look congruent!  Total cost of the project: $14.99 for new sheer curtain ( – store credit of 10.11) + $4.99 spray paint to dull down the door handle from the previous brassy gold = $9.87 TOTAL. End result:

A welcoming front door.  I’ve got a couple other small projects up my sleeve <grin>. Yesterday while we were out running errands we came home with a couple things for our bedroom.  More to come on what can be done with: white spray paint, white textured scrapbooking paper & Stitch Witchery.  Curious?


One thought on “Entry

  1. I need you to come spend a few weeks at my house and bring your creative ideas and do some make over. I’ll play with the children and you can work on the make overs 🙂

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