my favorites

It’s fall.  Our fall blankets, hats, and warmer clothes are out..

Fall is my favorite season.  Hands down.  I love the colors.  My decorating style gravitates to red, orange, brown, greens.  I love the smells.  Cinnamon, caramel, apple. Yum.  I love taking a brisk walk and coming home to spicy chili in the crockpot.  I feel happy just writing about it! <grin>  This fall here are a couple things I’m especially enjoying or hope to:

– Mohawks.  In the past few weeks I’ve seen several little boys with mohawks. They’re adorable.  Not the full hawk that stands inches taller, but the slight hawk on top.  If Jameson were a bit older, I’d give him a mohawk.

-Scarves.  I love the colors and variety.  A scarf  looks cute with most outfits and is practical as well.

–  Games.  We typically play more games when we entertain in the fall & winter.  I hope to play more games this year.  Both Ryan & I are competitive and home most nights (with kiddos going to bed early).  Games are fun/cheap entertainment (especially if you win).  What are your favorite games?  I’m hoping to add a couple this year to our small collection.

– I’m also interested in learning how to knit.  It sounds like a good creative outlet for the months when “frigid” is the only way to describe MN weather.  I’m looking for someone interested in coming over for a tutorial. .  Any takers?


6 thoughts on “my favorites

  1. LIZ. I have a game that will change your life. Pandemic. It’s a board game where all the players work together to try and rid the world of infectious diseases before you die of an outbreak. Everytime we break it out after hosting supper for someone, they’re always like, “This game is awesome!”. 5 STARS!

  2. I LOVE everything about fall too! 🙂 One of our favorite new games is called Bohnanza…but we have nicknamed it “the bean game”. We introduced some people to it at camp and they loved it. (Kate included 🙂 It is a great game for up to 7 players and there is even a variation of rules for just 2 players so Sam and I like to play just the two of us also.

  3. It is definitely not fall weather here yet! We are still wearing shorts and flip flops, but will have to get the winter clothes out for our visit next week. I love fall, too! Tennessee is quite lovely in the fall.

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