Our bedroom

A few weeks back I picked up white spray paint, scrap book paper, and Stitch Witchery for a couple small projects in our master bedroom.  Remember this post? Two of the three projects are done thanks to help from my stallion side-kick <wink>.  Ryan is good enough to go along with my ideas, as crazy as they may be.  Our bedroom has been a work in progress.  Here is what we started with:

Two years ago (while Ryan was gone for a couple weeks), I took it upon myself to surprise him by working on our room.  Note: this was prior to having children!  I ripped out the carpet and used porch paint to paint the old hardwood floors an off white color.  I also painted the walls.  Since then we’ve made a few decor’ upgrades including the two latest projects.  The scrap book paper was used to mat a couple of our wedding snap shots.  We already had the record frames.. so that upgrade was less than $2.

The white spray paint was used to lighten up our old dark ceiling fan.

And just in case you’re wondering about our bedroom these days, here is where we sleep… or dream of sleeping!

Thanks for the comments the other day, ladies.  Having quiet time definitely helps me refocus when things get crazy. Lucia only woke up once last night!  I don’t see any teeth yet, but we are all feeling a whole lot better.


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