The stretch

The alarm clock said 6:02 when I woke up to the sound of Jameson playing with toys this morning.  Why is it that he always picks the noisy toys when its still dark outside? His sister heard the noisy toys too…  Blast! Sleep- I miss you.

Its been a crazy week here.  I have thoughts spinning, crossing, unresolved.  I’m feeling out of balance.  In some ways that sounds laughable. (Can you feel balanced when you’re in the midst of raising two young children?)  I hope so. I attended a workshop on Thursday afternoon entitled “Life/Work balance”.   They had three women presenters with the united theme of deciding what’s important and making sure your energy is focused on those areas.  I wrote about things important to me not that long ago right here. Every couple months (at least for me), I have to stop to check how I’m doing on the important things.

Ryan left for a work trip on Thursday.  Even before he was gone, we were ships passing.  I feel challenged to be the wife I know I should be and fall short of being. I started reading Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas this weekend.   I’m only on chapter three and already feel challenged.  The book doesn’t talk about building a better marriage, it talks about marriage being filled with potential for discovering and revealing Christ’s character.  Less romantic, but powerful.  What if we truly lived out a commitment to love and respect our spouse?  I get impatient when things don’t work my way.  I get frustrated  or throw myself a pity party when things don’t feel “romantic” like they did before (like when we were dating). I’m stretching.  I’m trying to be stronger, but it’s uncomfortable.


One thought on “The stretch

  1. We all have to stop and assess what is important in our lives. The urgent can take over and we forget what is important.

    I totally understand about the challenge of marriage. Even after 38 years, the romantic part of me is still there. (Guess, that means I am a hopeless romantic). This has always been a challenge as I am married to a very practical and realistic guy who just doesn’t get the romantic part 🙂
    Marriage is definitely about a commitment. We are committed to our spouse regardless of how we feel. Our emotions ebb and flow, but commitment stands. Every marriage is a work in progress and it does take work!

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