Lucia is six months old this week.  I know what comes next.  She’ll be sitting, crawling, walking, calling me “ma ma”, and asking me to read one more bedtime story. Please don’t grow up so fast, Lucia Mae.  I daydream of sharing girl things with you, but I also want to rock you longer and hear your sweet coos. There are other things I dream of…ambitions that I hope will come to pass. Somehow they feel more realistic if I repeat them to myself..  or share them with you.

Sarasota, FL  May 2007

I dream of having a motorcycle of my own.  (My husband is uncomfortable with this one).  A few weeks ago we were talking about it again.  Ryan said he is against the idea entirely unless the kids are much older “and don’t need me”.  To which my question is still: at what point in their lives, will the children not need me?  His fears are somewhat valid on the topic.. I do like speed.  BUT, I will insert here that I’ve only had one speeding ticket in twelve years of driving, and I’ve never been at fault for an accident.

I dream of having more children (not necessarily biological), but more.  We’d still live in a small house.. we’d just have bunk beds and the kids would all wear fleece sleepers to bed.

I dream of getting my masters in counseling.  Ideally I’d have a private practice and counsel families.  I’d ask my sisters Kate & Anna to help me decorate my office and then would stock it with great coffee.  That way even if my questions couldn’t get them talking…. maybe the coffee would.

I dream of being part of a home church (a church outside the church building).   It would be a small group of families with the same core beliefs.  We’d cook delicious meals, spend special occasions together, and walk through our faith in a real and transparent way.  This is what I picture when I hear the word “community”.

How about you?  What is one thing that you daydream about?


5 thoughts on “Daydreams

  1. I love that you day dream about getting a masters in counseling, I constantly dream about about what school will be like, and what kind of practice I want to be a part of when I’m done with it all.

    I day dream about children, beautiful, full of life children that will come eventually, although I am forever wanting to speed the process up 🙂

  2. I dream about having a pop-up camper and taking trips all summer long. I dream about having out own business, but despite LOTS of thought, I still can’t figure out what that business should be. I dream about writing a childrens book, but much like our home business, I haven’t decided about the children’s book should be about. I dream about being able to afford to enroll Avram in a tumbling class because I know he’d love it. I dream about having a daughter. Two actually. 🙂

  3. So Ryan is not comfortable with your dream of a motorcycle. Hey, there are more and more women riding all the time. I am not confident enough of my defensive driving abilities to ride a motorcycle. You really must be an excellent defensive driver as people don’t see you and don’t realize a motorcycle is different from a car! I do dream of us taking a trip out west one day and seeing all of the beautiful countryside.

    I can totally see you being a wonderful counselor. You are such a good listener and know how to draw people out.

    I also dream of living in a log cabin in the Smokey Mts. and getting up every day to a beautiful mountain view. I dream of hiking every trail in the Smokey Mts. at least once.

    I dream of traveling to Italy, Switzerland, Austria , and France some day.

    I dream of going to Paris and helping the missionaries we support there with their international church. I truly want to do a mission trip there or somewhere in Europe, as it desperately needs the gospel to bring life to the dead religion there.

    I dream of someday being close enough to spend more time with my precious grandchildren before they grow up 🙂

    When I no longer have to work for money, I dream of volunteering to teach adults who want to learn to read.

    So those are a few of mine dreams 🙂

  4. I dream about making films. Films that will impact people and make them think. Challenge them to see the world from loving eyes.

    I dream about having a family. And about living close to my family (hint hint) 🙂

    I dream about getting buff. Without ever having to work out. haha.

    I dream about making lots of money that I would never see, so it could go to helping people instead of buying me more stupid things.

  5. I dream about being held.
    I dream about dancing at my wedding.
    I dream about being finished with grad school.
    I dream about holding my own babies in my arms.
    I dream about being with Jesus – all the time – where I can see and talk with Him.

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