Catch up

Thanks for sharing a couple of your dreams with me.  Sara, I would love to hear about your school journey.  Hopefully that’s a topic you’ll blog about!  Beca, I can totally picture you in your pop up camper.  And a couple girls?  You are adventurous!  I thought that eight years ago when we first met.. and still do.   Cathy, I love that you think about helping adults learn how to read.  You are a wonderful teacher.  I think dreaming is so important.  Maybe as important is to personally remind ourselves of our dreams and ask what it will take to make them possible.  I want to be someone who lives life to the fullest.  Who doesn’t look back in my old age and think, “there are so many things I wanted to do…”.

I’ve been wanting to blog again this week, but our home computer is having issues and the laptop is with Ryan.  (Which means its not here at the home-front often). Yesterday was another glorious day in Duluth.  Temps hit almost eighty.  Jameson and I played hours in the sandbox and did some yard work as well.  While the kids took their afternoon nap I pulled out some brown paint and spruced up one wall in our entry. I’m continually surprised and delighted by the impact paint can make.  Today we’ll head to Home Depot and grab a quart of paint for our house doors.  I’m thinking bold.

Jameson has been so sweet this week.  He is talking more and more and absolutely gleams when he and I have some good time (just the two of us).  To end this random post, here is Jameson’s latest remark that made me laugh.  Yesterday while we were raking leaves a plane flew overhead.  I said:

“Jameson, do you see the airplane”

Jameson: “yah, Mom..”

“Where do you think its going?”

Jameson: “Um…it’s going to Nineveh”


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