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Since I’m sprucing up the blog (more to come), I’d appreciate feedback from those of you who are following on a regular basis.  So… if you’re reading this and check out underwooddays more than once a week -that’s YOU!  As I’ve moved from the category of “not really sure if I’m a blogger” to “blogging is fun”,  I’d like to hear your two cents.  (I promise, it takes minimal thought/response time).

-what other blogs do you read?  I have a few friends that I follow via their blog.  I’d love to check out more: artistic, parenting, cooking, good writing, random….

-what blog post would interet you most?  If you’re curious to hear my two cents on anything… this week is open.  Leave me a comment before Sunday.  And if you enjoy reading my random assortment… believe me they’ll keep coming!


4 thoughts on “your two cents

  1. Hey Liz!
    I read a bunch of people’s blogs. I find them all interesting but I don’t know if you would. Ones that are more popular and have lots of followers would be and The Pioneer Woman. I don’t know if less popular bloggers interest you but on the side bar of my blog there are quite a few that I read. Hope that helps and you find something that interests you!

    I’ve found with blogging that you just have to blog about whatever the heck you want. Not what other people want you to write. I tried doing that for awhile and it just wasn’t me, now I just write about whatever I want and if people are interested then they read it, if not then that’s ok too. I personally (not saying my blog is awesome by any means when I say this) think that blogs where people don’t try to conform are the best because you get to know the real ‘you’/’them’.

    Blog away and have fun doing it! Someday you’ll look back at how much you’ve written and go ‘wow!’ and you can show your kids too!

  2. Hi Liz,

    I enjoy the blog the way that you currently have it. It’s been a way for me to see what you guys have been up to besides the usuall FB chatter. I have a few other friends who blog too. My friend Mandy has one called Living, Loving, and Learning. It’s about all the homeschooling preschool that she does for her two kids. The other’s that I read are kind of like yours. And I enjoy reading them because it helps me to “keep up” on their lives.

    Way to go for you to do this on a regular basis! Every time I’ve thought about starting my own blog, I never can seem to “hit on” a topic or even begin to try to write down the stuff that I’ve been up to.

  3. I don’t read any other blogs.( When Ashyle blogs I do read hers.) I just enjoy reading about your life and the everyday things with raising the children. It helps me stay connected to you guys.
    I did read a friend’s blog last year who decided to unplug her television and see what life would be like without tv.

  4. Hey Liz. There are two other blogs I occasionally check. But (for now) I only like the ones by moms who are in similar circumstances as me. And I like to read the simple ones. Some of them have soooooo much stuff going on, on their pages, that I just get overwhelmed and move on.

    Thanks! Beca

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