I’ve been meaning to stop and write a little something, but then wonder where to start.  We’re already into the third week of October, and I still think its September.  I ask myself over and over how I can manage time better.  It feels like every moment of my days is taken up by something.  I’m thinking of raking with Jameson when he wakes from his nap, how I should deep clean the bathroom before we have guests this weekend, that I still need to call and make appointments for flu shots and our quilt…  I should wash our bedroom quilt. 

I was going through my baby book the other night.  My!  Lucia really does look like me!  If I had a scanner here at home I’d show you!  The biggest difference… is that I wasn’t as dainty (aka: I was a chunk).  After looking through the old photos I started thinking how I’m doing around here as a mom.  In the midst of all my crazy thoughts and half finished house work.. Am I focusing on the important things?  Am I praising, teaching, and loving Jameson and Lucia in the way they need to be?  I don’t think I’m failing..  but I could do  better.  We always could, right?  One of the things thats always been important to me is that my children would remember me as being fun.  I want them to have vivid memories of laughing and playing with me.  So, once again I stop in the middle of everything and repeat to myself.  “PLAY”.  Today we’ll play.  Here are a couple snap shots from playing this past weekend.


One thought on “Clarity

  1. You are so wise to remember how important it is to take time to play with your precious little ones. The housework will always be there and the list of things to do, but your children will not always be little and want to play. In reflecting on the childhoods of my boys, I know I played with them, but I am sure I could have spent more time just enjoying them. I remember one time Jim came home from work and asked me what did you accomplish today? I looked around sheepishly and said well, we did our schoolwork today, we collected leaves and identified them, and oh, yeah, we ran all throughout the woods and played GI Joe! You couldn’t visually measure how I had spent my time that day, but it was time spent on important things. So enjoy the children !

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