Unwelcome Company

Yesterday a horrible cold virus entered the house.  I’ve asked it nicely and then not so nicely to leave.  I may have to ask it one more time…

I was home today taking care of Ryan and Lucia.  Thankfully it was a daycare day, so Jameson could play at school.  Here are three conclusions from a very long day:

1-Lucia is a much harder baby when Jameson is gone. 

2-I’ve got a thing for associations.  Ryan asked for Sprite and Saltines when I was running out this morning.  I guess people still like Sprite when they’re sick.  Do you know what they prescribe for morning sickness?  Sprite and Saltines.  So, having lived through two pregnancies with severe morning sickness…. even looking at a Sprite or Saltine logo makes me feel a bit of neausea.  Wondering if that will ever pass. 

3-Our washing machine deserves a tip for the extra service today.


When we were driving home from school tonight, Jameson and I were talking:

Jameson: “Mom, remember when me and dad got Chinese?  We got rice and chicken and broccoli…. “

“Yes… I do remember that.  That was nice of you and dad.”

Jameson: “Mom, lets get Chinese tonight”.

Does he already know Chinese take-out is a great idea when I’ve been home with sickies all day?  Or did he just happen to remember a random and singular episode of getting Chinese with Ryan?  Unbelievable..  my son is unbelievable.


One thought on “Unwelcome Company

  1. Sorry to hear that Ryan got worse after we talked on Monday night. I could tell by looking at him that he wasn’t feeling well. Hope you, Jameson, and Lucia can stay well. Get the lysol out!
    Jameson does have an incredible memory, doesn’t he? I wonder where he gets that 🙂

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