We Reunite

Friday afternoon, these three showed up at our front door!

Rob, Holly, and Wyn

TEN years ago I was a freshman at a small university in downtown minneapolis.  Across the hall from me lived Holly Mancl.  I thought she was hilarious.  Honest..I still do.  My freshman year I met a best friend.  Holly and I became room-mates the following year, took road trips, shared food, worked together, and laughed… we laughed a lot.  Then school was finished and we moved. 

Ryan and I moved to Philadelphia and Holly back to Wisconsin.  We lost touch.  That was six years ago.  Thanks to Facebook, we found each other this year and have been filling each other in on the events missed.  On Friday I met Holly’s men for the first time!  I appreciate Holly.  Ten years later, she’s still the real deal.. she’s still Holly Mancl.  Here are a couple snapshots of our weekend:

Lucia & Wyn : already share a “special” bond


3 thoughts on “We Reunite

  1. Liz we had a GREAT time! I am so glad we were able to come to Duluth! It was fun to see that even though much has changed in both our lives since those crazy days at school, the things that we enjoyed about eachother are still very much the same. You make me laugh and inspire me. You are so creative and upbeat, always giving and hospitable! Thanks for being you!

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