Coming Soon….

Hot coffee and silence at 12:49pm.  I love silence.  Next week will be November.  Even though it’s inevitable, I have mixed feelings about November.

My greatest concern -November means temperatures will drop significantly here in Duluth.  For the past months I’ve taken the kids outside as much as possible.  Jameson loves to be outside and I love how playing outside wears him out!  So, I’ve been dreading wondering what 14 hour days (with two kids) looks when you can’t go outside.  Last week I ordered a beautiful used copy of The Creative Family from Amazon.  I’m developing a family stratedgy for going into the winter months.  Hubs has even caught the vision! The other night HE suggested we work on a weekly home schedule.  Brilliant.  It’s not to say our house is a zoo (it is a little like a zoo), we’re just trying to avoid things getting any crazier than they already are.  Another book I’m anxiously awaiting from my Amazon order is Slice of Organic.  Poor Ryan is sweating.  As he should be <grin>.  How about you?  Are you reading any good books right now?  On my November agenda is a whole lot more reading and coffee.

I’ve also decided to cut back on Facebook for November (giving me more time for the reading and coffee).  So, if you rely on Facebook to see when I’ve added a new post, I won’t be posting the link.  Maybe consider subscribing via your email address or adding my link to your favorites?  Happy Wednesday afternoon.  I’m off to iron a stack of dress shirts.


One thought on “Coming Soon….

  1. I know you must dread winter. I do and I live in Tennessee where the temps are not cold at all compared to Duluth. It is difficult to be confined to the house when you have an active little boy. You will definitely have to be creative. Do you think Jameson is old enough for play dough? I remember my boys loving to play with that and it entertained them on rainy days.
    I am sure that Ryan can’t wait for your book about organic to arrive 🙂 You wouldn’t believe how much Matt has moved in that direction! He is buying organic eggs and meat, frozen vegetables, and fruit and because of his gluten allergy is eating very healthy. It’s hard for me to believe that this guy who once lived on frozen tv dinners, pizza, and chicken nuggets, is now eating organic food! There is hope for anyone!

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