November 1

We had a busy weekend.  The hubs and  I assembled a list of house chores for the weekend and we got things done!  Sunday we went to a costume party at our local Wholefoods Co-op with our own cowboy and billy-goat.  Jameson’s favorite things about Halloween this year:  his cowboy mustache, the chocolate chip cake he and I made as a special Halloween treat, and putting up cut outs on our kitchen windows.

Jameson started something new this weekend.  After saying for the tenth time “no” when he asked to watch a movie on Saturday, he responded:  “but why Mom?”  (Does a two-year-old typically question “no“?)  Movies are on vacation this month.  Even though they’re typically watched on a limited basis around here, Ryan and I agreed it would be good to take a break.  Vacations are good. 

I’ve been enjoying The Creative Parenting book I mentioned here.  I’ve written down a few notes that I hope to incorporate in our home.  I’m learning over again that the process of parenting is always evolving.  As soon as we’ve navigated one thing, something new (asking “why“) has arrived.  I love it.  Every part.


4 thoughts on “November 1

  1. The children look adorable in their costumes. Thanks for sharing the fun with us on I-chat! I remember all too well those “why” questions… just leads to another one 🙂

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