Belize or Houghton?

One of the best ways to be thankful for things we easily take for granted= a lesson trying to live without them.  Friday evening I was lying beside a restless Lucia thinking about the weekend ahead and how gloriously open the calendar was!  Lucia finally gave in and fell asleep.  When I sat up to lay her in her crib, the entire room was spinning and dropping.  I was quite certain I was not. 

Since Friday I’ve been having awful vertigo.  It sounds like no big deal, but it’s a big deal.  Vertigo affects my balance, ability to keep food down, and hold Lucia.  It’s a big deal.  After a full 48 hours, I drug my stubborn self to the Dr. this morning.   Turns out I’m suffering from BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).  Don’t you want to read a whole lot more about that diagnosis?  Yah, me too….. <partial grin>

Prior to Friday evening, I had other plans.  But this is life, life we can’t control.  As I was walking out of the Dr’s office this morning I told myself, “this is good. it could have been serious. this is good”.  And I’ll continue repeating that to myself when I’m frustrated.  As far as treatment, we’re waiting for one of two things to happen 1) the crystals to return to the correct location in my ear or 2) we’ll be looking at physical therapy to get them there.   

Enough of that.  On a somewhat related note, I had a helpful chauffeur group to my appointment this morning!  On our way home we passed by my work, and I said to Ry:

did I tell you my boss and her husband are in Belize for a couple weeks?”

-long pause-

Ry: “yeah, well I asked you to come to Houghton with me this weekend.”


(Houghton, MI that is)

We’re still smiling around here.  Even if I’m not sure who I’m smiling at… (just kidding)! 


One thought on “Belize or Houghton?

  1. Wow, that is a bummer! Granny and Åunt Kay both have a similar problem with vertigo. I think they actually have some kind of disease that affects the inner ear (which controls balance). Anyway, what did the doctor say was the treatment or is there any? Do hope you are feeling better. Moms don’t have time to be sick.

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