the pieces where they should be

For as much as I can do in a day-  some days it doesn’t feel like enough.  There is always laundry to do.  There is always an errand to run or a floor to be washed.  I’m never caught up.  And then I see these two and think “this is enough”.  I’m doing exactly what I need to be.  And it’s enough.

-my indian boy and cherry girl-


3 thoughts on “the pieces where they should be

  1. Liz I can really relate to feeling frustrated over never ending ‘things that need to get done’. The kitchen is what drives me crazy. No matter how hard we try and stay on top of it, it only takes one lazy afternoon for it to get completely messy again. But I’d much rather play pirates with Avram than scrub a sticky pot! =)

  2. I know your “to do” list never gets finished when you have little ones. You are wise to savor and enjoy the time you have with them. How I would love to see them!

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