hello monday

My mind has been oh so busy today.  It started last night with a great chat with my sister… 

We’re at the start of a new week.  Both kiddos are sleeping.  The lunch dishes are finally done.   And I’m making a list for the week.. which most likely will fall into the following week.  But, it’s a start.  I’m making a list.  Did you know it’s only 40 days until Christmas?  40 days!  Which means we leave for Nashville in a month.   I found this photo the other day which quite perfectly describes my feeling…

Ryan: Christmas 2003

Hilarious.  Two thoughts on this picture:  1) my husband has gotten much better looking since our newlywed days. 2) what happened prior to this picture?  As a family we LOVE Christmas!  The decorating, holiday foods, music, and celebration.  It’s safe to say that love is at least x 2 this year with Jameson and Lucia. 

A few years ago Ryan and I committed to walking away from the consumer Christmas and started giving money to different causes around the world during the holidays.  It has been such a freeing/ exciting challenge to look at Christmas as the opportunity to give and keep gifting to a minimal.  Yes – it’s a challenge, especially with kids.  At the same time I’m excited to find and share with you the little treasures we’ll wrap for underneath our family tree.  How about you?  What are you doing for Christmas this year?  I’d love to hear about your traditions.


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