our day of thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone reading tonight!  We enjoyed a slow lazy day home -just the four of us.  Ryan fixed his mom’s chicken and dressing recipe and Jameson refused to use utensils because he was that excited for Thanksgiving dinner.  Lucia didn’t want to sleep a bit, and our Christmas boxes are scattered about numerous rooms.  Tomorrow will be day two of getting the Underwood home in the Christmas spirit.

Today I am most thankful for my family.  For two kids with the biggest smiles and best kisses.  For a husband who makes a Thanksgiving dinner and lights the candles.   We had other plans for our weekend, and so we’re thinking of Kate and Anna and their families in Fosston  (sorry to miss the fun!)  I’ve missed blogging the past few days as I had a horrible vertigo episode at work Tuesday.  For the past forty-eight hours I’ve been out.  My Dr. scheduled an MRI for this Saturday to rule out the scary things.  I’m choosing to believe the MRI will only show things as they should be..  and we’ll go to the next step trying to figure out what’s amiss.

Until next week, enjoy your holiday and make it a grand one!


2 thoughts on “our day of thanks

  1. Looks like the kids are checking out the “deals”. So sorry that you had another episode with the vertigo and that you had to miss your special plans. Jim and I are in prayer that the test shows nothing serious and they will be able to determine what the problem is. Love you and wish we were close enough to help out with the children during times like this 😦

  2. You always have the best looking Christmas tree! Everyone seems great, but it is especially wonderful to see how Lucia is growing up- what an angel!

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