24 and counting..

Today is the first of December.  No- my Christmas cards are not done, addressed, stamped, or on their way.  I guess it was an ambitious goal.  However, they were designed and ordered TWELVE days ago and I’m still waiting to see a small box arrive on our front porch <sigh>.  Ryan did an awesome job re-creating a design I found online.  What can I say?  I married a smart guy!  

I mentioned here that I’ve been online finding fun ideas for this holiday season.  So.. a couple to share with you:

 1.  At my last haircut my stylist used Aveda’s Blue Oil to relax me.  Believe me.. it does the trick.  It’s a great $13 stocking stuffer for ladies or even gents.  Click here to purchase.

2.  I’ve seen quite a few blog ideas lately on using rubber stamps.  I found these on Target’s website for $13 as well.  Don’t you love the font?  Me too!  I’d use these for make my own greeting cards.  Click here to purchase.

3.  And then there’s ETSY!  I recently came across this beauty.  I love supporting artists and having unique things.  The only problem is putting a time limit on looking through the endless possibilities on ETSY.  Self control!  Click here to purchase. 

Our Christmas gift making is coming along.  Did I tell you I’ve started my first sewing project ever?  Yep, one of my neighbors was nice enough to lend me her sewing machine and Jameson will be the recipient of the completed masterpiece.. the grand reveal is scheduled for this weekend.  Wish me luck, I’m off to pray over  work with the sewing machine.


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