i’m still a mystery

beware:  this post is medical in nature

Thank you to those who read my blog last week and were praying and thinking of me as I had the MRI.  For that reason, I wanted to give a report!  Everything was as it should be on my MRI (minus a sinus infection) and a report that I may have the smallest nasal passage in Duluth.  I guess that’s better than having the biggest nasal passage in Duluth?

After the MRI results, my primary Dr. sent me to an Ear Nose & Throat specialist to see if we can figure out what’s causing the vertigo.  There I was diagnosed with a slight hearing loss in my left ear.  (Sinus infection + hearing loss both can have a relationship with vertigo.)  At this point the ENT is guessing I have Meniere’s disease, but we’ll wait before doing any additional testing.  Along with the vertigo attack a couple weeks ago, I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach.  Especially in the mornings (but it’s NOT morning sickness)!  I’ve been taking two prescriptions for that, but am still feeling sick. So… I’ll see a Gastrointestinal Dr.

Now that is enough talk about my ailments.  How are your Christmas preparations coming?  This weekend I plan to give a post update on mine! 🙂


2 thoughts on “i’m still a mystery

  1. I hate to hear that they think you have Meniere’s disease. That is what Granny and her sister both have. There is not much that can be done for it, unfortunately. Do the doctors think the nausea is related to the other symptoms or something different? It is weird that you have it more in the mornings. Do you think it could be related to maybe low blood sugar? Sometimes in the morning if your blood sugar is low from being a while since you ate, it can make you feel sick. Anyway, we are praying and believing that the Lord will touch and heal you TOTALLY and COMPLETELY!

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