our gifts

I told myself this wouldn’t happen… I wouldn’t get caught up in the rush and stress.  Our goal has been to keep things simple for Christmas.  While I haven’t completely failed, I want to start a rebellion against the consumer “Christmas” (this year more than ever before).  The holiday that tries to suck me in to purchase one more gift… The holiday of lines and gifting, of having the perfect Christmas card and matching outfits, of eating way to much food and forgetting the meaning behind it all.  

I’ve been thinking about what I want our kids to remember about Christmas.  I want them to know about giving as much as about receiving.  I want them to know we have the opportunity to give because of what we’ve been given.  We can give of our talents.  We can give our time.  This morning Jameson and I spent time baking these for his school teacher and our babysitter.  They were sampled and approved by us both.  It’s my first time trying a recipe from Annie’s Eats.. but I’ll be back visiting her site again!  Then we made a batch of Olive Dip for my work.  Leave me a comment if you’re interested in trying out this one (it’s a family recipe).


One thought on “our gifts

  1. Umm! Those look yummy!
    Hey, I am right there with you about trying to not get sucked into the consumer “Christmas”. It is definitely a challenge. Jim and I were able to attend Cornerstone’s Christmas program and the one at Matt’s church. Both of those were wonderful reminders to me of what this season is about.

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