and we’re off..

It’s already Friday.  I’ve hardly been online this week because we leave to Nashville in 24 hours!!  Here are a few things we’ve been doing since Monday at the Underwoods:

1)  We delivered the chewy peanut butter cookies and have enjoyed the extras here.  Seriously, if you like peanut butter and honey.  You must give these a shot.  YUM. 

2)  I finished up my two day work-week yesterday and set my out of office for December 30th.  Love that feeling!

3) We have a few wrapped presents under the tree which looks perfect.  And – Lucia’s Christmas present is finished!  Since I was pregnant with Lucia I thought it would be special to make her a mobile.  I really don’t like the “baby” looking ones you can find at department stores and I’m gravitating more and more to making things. I was inspired by a blog I follow and finished with this:

Yes – I’m most likely biased, but I think its just perfect for our Lucia Mae.

4) All four of us are fighting against colds.  It’s hard to say who is winning the battle at this point.  Anyone? 

I’m off to move the clean laundry to suitcases and finish one last thing for my honeys stocking!  Tomorrow we hit the road. 


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