Monday at 8:30pm we finished day two of our drive home from Nashville and unloaded the van.  Where did all this stuff come from??  Santa apparently visits Nasvhille….

Two days later I’m still trying to put things back in their original spots or into their new home here.  It’s slow.  I’m sick.  This morning I was in the emergency room after checking myself into Urgent Care.  (I think it was my first personal experience in the ER).  Of course my curtain was drawn – so I couldn’t get a visual to work with the mental picture I was forming- but my… isn’t the ER an interesting place?  The wild card was an older gentleman who kept shouting (in what seemed like two minute intervals) “hello”- “nurse”- “hello”- “is anybody out there?”  The poor man.

I went to Urgent Care for a flare up of whatever stomach issue I’m having.  It seems to do better for awhile and then it’s crazy again.  Crazy like the vertigo.  Crazy like my sinuses. Boo!  I just want answers.  What is going on with me?  It makes me sad to be sick.  I want to be ME again.  

Sorry, I didn’t mean to host a pity party.  We had a good time away as a family.  Tomorrow I will try to post pictures of us enjoying Christmas.  Tonight I’m going to bed.


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