The EGD is done!  I am thrilled to have that checked off the list.  Even better… there was nothing alarming.  (Biopsies were taken which I should hear back on in a few days).  They also found I have a hiatus hernia most likely after math of having Lucia.  Dr’s order: elevating the head of our bed 4-6 inches, avoiding tight fitting clothing (insert perplexed face here), avoiding excessive coffee or alcohol, and Priolsec.  Lots of Priolsec.   

On the way home we stopped at Saver’s in search of the ugliest sweaters for a party this weekend.  Our good friends are putting on an after the holidays party.  Ryan and I are giddy as kids  excited to show off our beauties.  While at Saver’s, I also finally found fabric.  In September Ryan hung a curtain rod and clips over my closet for me.  I have an odd shaped closet.. one of the many “charms” of having a home built in the early 1900’s.  Since a standard closet door wouldn’t work, I thought a fabric curtain would.  Here is a picture of what I’ve been looking at since we bought our house:

Yes- that is the entirety of my wardrobe.  Shocking? 

And here it is today.  I am in love with my $4 fabric.  Now I just need to wash, press, and cut that fabric! Thank you to everyone that called and sent messages prior to the EGD.  I am thankful to be home with my baby girl!


One thought on “Done

  1. Liz,
    The curtain looks great! I know you are pleased to have that to look at, rather than your clothes. I don’t know very many females, or males for that matter, 🙂 who could get away with having such small closet space.

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