Hi & Low

In college my room-mate Holly and I started our “hi/low” of the day.  Everyday -or everyday we saw each other- we’d each sum up our day by saying the highest point  and lowest point.   Since then I’ve used the exercise many times as a youth group leader and every once in awhile on Ryan. 

Your turn!  Since we’re only a couple hours into Wednesday, what was your hi/low of yesterday? 

My high was a great first day at school for our peanut.  Lucia went to school with Jameson yesterday after being home (two days a week) with a wonderful adopted Grandma from our church while I was working.  She started the transition better then me.  I thought this time around it would be a snap, but she’s still my baby and I’m her mama!  My low was driving Ryan’s car yesterday.  I’m not sure what the problem is, but it sounds serious.. like it will either take flight or die.  As I drove and noticed other drivers staring.. I just pretended it wasn’t me.  “Wow, I wonder who’s car THAT is?”  C’mon Accord, you’re only 15.  Can we get a few more years out of you?  Please?


One thought on “Hi & Low

  1. Can’t believe the Accord is that old! Wow, it has been a good car, though.
    My high of yesterday was seeing a student end her last session with us and having her say how much her self-confidence has increased since coming to Huntington. My low was getting in my car at work and finding out that my battery was dead.

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