The alarm is set for seven a.m.  Tomorrow I’m leaving.  With no kiddos.  FOR THE DAY.  My friend Emily and I have declared a girls day out and are driving straight to the cities.  I told Ryan I’m as excited for a car-ride with morning coffee and no kids as I am about the day off!  I plan to soak it up in its entirety. 

I’ve been out of the blog world this week.  Tuesday I was at the Dr’s office again with Lucia.  After 24 hours of refusing bottles and a couple episodes of coughing until she threw up… we went in to find out she has a double ear infection.  It was Tuesday night that I cried.  (Yes, I had been holding it in for awhile). 

The hardest part of being a mom (so far) is seeing my babies sick.  I want to protect them.  That’s my job.  And when they’re sick… I feel like I’m not doing my job.  I just want them well.  It’s been a long week.  I’m ready to break away and am SO thankful for a husband who lets me.  Jameson and Lucia will love the extra time with dad.

Check back this weekend to hear more about our girls day out!


2 thoughts on “Off

  1. So sorry that my sweet little Lucia has been sick 😦 I hope she is feeling better now. It is so hard as a mom to see your children sick and not be able to help them. It doesn’t get any easier. It was hard recently when Matt went through all that time being sick. I felt bad for him and helpless because I couldn’t do anything to help him feel better. I hope you have a wonderful day away. Bless Ryan for being such a wonderful husband and father 🙂 It is times like this that I so wished we lived close enough to help you guys out. Grandpa and I could give you both a break 🙂 Love you.

  2. Praying for Lucia, dear thing! Sorry it’s been a tough week. Thanks for being honest, though.
    Hope you had a super fun day off& do I find other good blogs? Maybe on the 18th you can give me some tips in this blogging world.

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