Dear Summer

Lucia just up from her afternoon nap.

Two pictures.. taken less then two minutes apart.   I get it.  I’m not sure how I feel about today either.  We’re STILL fighting sickness here at the Underwoods.  It’s past old.  I don’t want to cry talk about it anymore.   I’m longing for a walk in the sunshine, fresh paint on my kitchen walls, a vase of tulips at our table, and two healthy kids filthy from playing outside.  Summer, I know you’ll come again.  I just miss you.  A lot.


2 thoughts on “Dear Summer

  1. I am with you on that for sure. Been thinking about sunshine, warm weather, beaches, and wishing somehow Jim and I could pull off a get-a-away to somewhere warm 🙂 I keep looking for “deals”, but haven’t found any. Relief is in sight much faster down here though, than where you are. By early next week we should have temps in the high 50’s. Sure do wish you guys lived here in Tennessee, for many different reasons.:)

  2. Uh, yes, this winter is brutal. I believe the snot in my noise froze on the way to my car after work yesterday. But, But–don’t get any ideas. Cathy & I would have to dual it out about you guys ever moving to Tennessee..:)

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