Still Sweet

I’m listening to “the civil wars” and drinking hot green tea.  Bedtime is next!

We had a busy weekend.  I worked extra hours Friday, we had a phenomenal dinner with a co-worker and her huband, spent the day in the cities with family yesterday, and played catch up at home today.  Jameson was being so sweet today.  He was using words like: “thank you, please, and okay.”  Music to my ears!  It was just last night Ryan and I were driving on our way home from the cities talking about Jameson.  Did I mention here that Jameson told me last week to “stop being so annoying”?  (sigh)  How does he already know that word and the appropriate context to use it in?  I wasn’t expecting to hear that for another six-eight years. 

Regular days (in the past few weeks) have consisted of talking back, whining, tantrums, and time-outs.  Day after day.  I told Ryan last night that I was feeling depleated.  Was I doing something wrong?  Why was he testing so hard?   Then today -Jameson was sweet.  He was listening.  Thank you God for today! 

The gift and responsibility of parenting is huge.  I want to be a mom that guides him but does not squelch that incredible strength that causes him to push back and play wild.  

You are your father’s son. 


2 thoughts on “Still Sweet

  1. Yes, Jameson, is definitely his father’s son. He reminds me SO much of Ryan! Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. I think I have shared with you that I felt like I was a terrible mother when Ryan was little. He was very strong willed , active, and quite a handful. I would see my friends’ children being compliant and obedient, and then watch my own child be so defiant and hard to deal with. It is very important that you be consistent with him and that is not always easy. It will pay off , though, in the long run. He will continue to challenge you, but stay strong. God will give you the wisdom and the patience you need to guide Jameson. I know God has huge plans for his life. I pray for him daily to have a heart for God.

  2. Boy I sure remember a long phase of tantrums for Avram. I thought it would never end. The hardest part was Rich and I always disagreed on how to handle them. While Avram still throws a fit occasionally, I wouldn’t say he’s a tantrum in a pretty long time. Take heart! It’s growing pains!

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