Even better

Tonight I’m feeling 100% thankful for my husband.  We’ve had a hard winter.  Just to be honest… it’s been a really hard winter!  We’re choosing to keep our chins up again, but we’re both tired. 

Here’s the thing about my husband.  He’s the one beside me.  I hear people say their husband is perfect or the “best husband on earth”.  My husband isn’t perfect.  He has the capability to hurt me deeper then anyone else.  We fight some.  I cry.  We don’t always agree.  Through it all – he’s the best for me.  He’ll always be my best friend.  Better yet- I share this crazy tired life with him!  He’s been strong this weekend (when I needed him to be).  He has helped with the kids, made our dinners, played guitar with Jameson, and provoked that hilarious smile in Lucia that only he can. 

Tonight I’m thankful for my husband who is off grocery shopping.  I always knew life with him would be good.  I didn’t know it would be this good.


One thought on “Even better

  1. It’s good to know that you feel that way about Ryan. I am kind of partial to him also 🙂 He is a good husband and wonderful father. You are blessed! And he is blessed to have you!

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