At 8:45 pm I was alone for the first time today.   This season of having an almost one-year-old and almost three-year-old definitely takes my best.   Why?

Jameson wants my undivided attention.  I’d guess that is common of first borns, but I thought it would change as Lucia became a part of our life.  I guess he just likes me that much. 😉  He wants me beside him… fully engaged.  He wants to know why I’m in the bathroom and what we should do next when I get out of the bathroom.  He always has a “great idea”.  At least a dozen times throughout the day he’ll say, “mom- I’ve got a great idea”. To which I respond, “what’s your great idea, Jameson?”  The follow-up line everytime?  “Mom, how about we watch a little bit of a movie”?  (Of course he’ll slap the cutest smile across his face as he says it).  That smile paired with his big brown eyes is almost impossible to say no to.  

Lucia is our independent girl unless she’s tired which has been the case this week.  Our peanut has decided she only needs her morning nap of 60 minutes.  By three o’clock she is needy.  She crawls behind me crying if I’m not holding her and pulls herself up holding unto the back of my baggy pants.  She is working on cutting four teeth on top right now!  Jameson calls her “cranky pants”.  (He may have heard mom use the term).  We’re in this season… it’s intense.   

I’m trying to meet each day strong.  I was reading a new parenting book tonight.  I love the premise behind it.  As parents we’re really only directing who our children already are.  While I carried Jameson and Lucia and brought them into this world, I did not give them life.  I don’t know who they were individually created to be.  I have the gift (and challenge) of seeing them grow and learn.  It takes the pressure off me to think that God already knows each day ahead for them.  I just need to be faithful today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow… I just need to be their mama.


One thought on “Mama

  1. I know these times are hard. Young children are demanding, and it’s even more so when they are close in age. It will get better, though. I am sure it would help if you were able to get them outside in the warm sunshine. Not to rub it in, but it is beautiful here today. The temp is in the mid 70’s and the sun is out. Wish you guys were here to enjoy it.

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