Outta here

Happy Friday!  The sun is shining, laundry is washing, and both kiddos are napping.  I wish I could sneak under the sheets for a couple hours too (sigh).   Doesn’t that sound grand?  Instead I’m getting things ready.   When Ryan gets home I’m hitting the road.  This weekend I’ll attend my first Norwex training in Saint Paul.  If I wasn’t already excited about the products…. I have a feeling this weekend will seal the deal.   The more I enter the green world the more excited I am about the decisions we’re making as a family.  Who knows what radical thing I’ll try next… keep you posted.

I’ve been thinking about our Lucia’s birthday more this week and finally came up with what the perfect gift for our little one-year-old will be!  I priced it online and it’s an expensive  deal.  And, I’m picky.  I knew the size, look, and elements I wanted it to have.  Then my resourceful husband suggested making it.  Man, he’s good!  This won’t be the first gift from dad.  I can’t wait to show you…. and Lucia.


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