The first signs..

No, these tulips are not coming up in my garden.  (Yes, I did a search for them online!)  Today there are SNOW flurries in Duluth….

My ENT doctor said yesterday that he thinks I have chronic sinusitis.  No wonder I’m looking for pictures of fresh growing tulips online!   

We’re half way through a busy week here.  I miss my husband.  He’s working hard and long days.  Instead of being sappy sweet to each other in the couple waking hours we have each day… we’ve been butting heads.  Why is that?  Why does the fatigue get the best of us?   I know I’ve mentioned more then once or twice that this season at the Underwoods has been nuts.  I guess I’m especially craving spring because it could be the start to a new season in our life.  I long for a new season.   I realized in my quiet time this afternoon that I don’t need to wait until the actual first day of spring to say, “ok!  this is a new season”.   I contribute to the season in our home daily… as a mom, wife, and by how I RESPOND to the challenges we face as a family.  I guess you could say I’m back in the ring!

Today starts spring.


One thought on “The first signs..

  1. That’s just wrong! Snow flurries! For the past few days our temps have been close to 80! The daffodils are blooming, and the trees are budding out. Yes, spring is here, but then today the temp will be in the 50’s. I guess that is a heat wave for you guys 🙂

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